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How do I make a digital living in 2021?

Create an Ikigai Brand:
A digital, Intelligent lifeform able to profit by connecting while creating value.

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Put yourself togheter: What you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid from and what the world needs.
A Business or profession with it's own story, personality, methods and value in a digital community.
+ than just sell or buy: create richer relationships with leads, providers, collaborators & communities.
Giving is the new Receiving

Imagine expanding yourself onto an evolved digital entity able to create prosperity by selling, trading, giving and taking tangible and intangible goods.

Such powerful entity must be fueled by a special kind of energy that only you can generate and master (under a deeper, out-of-the-box approach).

This program is for you to learn and participate in the rendering of a "2021 compliant" BRAND, from “zero to hero” starting with psychological study of your emotional - intellectual - logistic settings and ending with modern sophisticated digital marketing techniques.

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I found my Ikigai (I want to make a living out of my passion), now... what do i do?

Follow the #Ikigai brand roadmap

It took 25 years to put the right questions in the right order... Follow this and you will be on your way to to a powerful, intelligent and inspiring living in 2021.

Emotional intelligence development to define your Ikigai and empower


What is my power?

Emotional challenges and skills to master

Why a brand?

Brand vs employee or freelancer 

What part of me shall i show?

Discover and choose your brand material

Personal or corporate?

Is your name on the top?


Business opportunities and models in 2021

The Opportunity

What resources do i have?

Identify all usefuls assets and connections

Who is going to buy?

Identify market segments and buyer persona

How can i make money?

Study current business models and opportunities 

What is my name?

Define a powerful name for your brand

What is my purpose?

Define business goals and brand's promise

The Opportunity

Building audience and influence

The Relevance

What do I care?

Find and use your connection to the world

What is my value?

How a brand can create useful, important stuff?

Who's gonna care?

Connecting with existing audiences or creating them 

What content should be created?

Content marketing basics for your brand

Why Collaborate?

How to profit from non monetary exchanges

The Relevance


The skills

What is to be learned?

Advanced skills and learning methods

Who to learn from?

Study successful business and influencers?

What tools do i need?

CRM, CMS, Mailing, Design, Animation and other software

Who to hire?

Agencies, employees or freelancers? What for?

The skills

Service and product design, politics and methods

The method

What am I selling? 

The science behind service / product design

What is the price?

From zero to hero pricing method

How does my brand will operate?

Build, document and optimize your internal and external methods  

The method

Copywriting and communications

The Right Words

What is my brand’s Story?

Personal story, weirdness and creativity blend into a powerful brand's storytelling

How does my brand talk?

Build your own communicative style

What are my client’s stories?

Turn client´s feedback into valuable assets

The Right Words

Branding, graphic and motion design

Catching the eye

How does my brand look?

Graphic design of your corporate identity, from logo to communications, products and content

Where does my visuals come from?

Videos, animations, pictures and graphics for your brand: self produced, free or bought?

Catching the eye

Inbound marketing

Make them come

Do i have THE website?

Web design, content, techniques and tools 

Is my brand searchable?

The power and science of SEO, the MUST have.

Do i have THE blog?

Content marketing basics, strategies & tools

Pay for advertisement?

When and how to do paid campaigns

Social networks?

Define your social digital presence

Make them come

Customer care

Make them return

How do I know I'm right?

The power and science of Analytics

How to help your clients?

Customer support science and how to make it profitable (FAQs and content)

How to treat them well?

Client loyalty programs as marketing strategy

After they are gone?

Turn clients into audience

Make them return

"I´m pretty sure i could use some advice"

Need help?

Understand this: YOU getting a profitable, sustainable life from your passion & life mission IS my passion & life mission. So yes i can help you, just choose the method

Customized live 360 ° assistance. Learn in the making of your business

Ikigai Brand coaching program

The goal

Get you going. You choose what to lear and what to delegate, we take care of the rest.

The process

Online coaching sessions, offline work, exercises, challenges and tasks

The results

Your plan, your image, your graphics, your web, your business: your brand

Ikigai Brand coaching program

Browse all topics, spend days feeding your brain & soul

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Read the blog
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Created by: Rafael Juárez: Ikigai Coach , Psychologist & Writer