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Want to create or boost your brand?

Hello, I am Rafael Juárez, I made my first logo in 1994 and my first web site in 1996. I founded a marketing agency that by 2013 had 30 employees and offices in 4 countries. What I have learned about marketing can change your path, starting now.

I promise I won't waste your next 5 minutes. Read on.

Main Statement

If you are starting a brand in 2021, the worst thing you can do is hiring a marketing agency, you better make yourself and your brand wiser.

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20 years of learning about startup marketing in 5 keys

Besides the Brand Road Map, this may be the bigger learning you have today. No marketeer talk about this. Read on.

Everything counts

Businesses need to use all the resources at their disposal to thrive: personal assets and skills, circumstances, relationships, knowledge, opportunities and most of all.

The wisdom to make it work, all together.

What if you are not seeing the big picture? At this point, you really could use some "street knowledge", available through expert advice.


Everything counts

It starts with you

Good brands are alive: Empowered, intelligent, focused human projections in the global market, able to make profit marketwise. 

Then, it's wise to focus on the human first. You are the source of all things to come.

Are you ready? do you have the (emotional, intellectual,operational) skills?

The marketing of your business will be growth for you. That can not be outsourced.

It starts with you

Not a manual, but a path

Marketing is learning to speak a language; the only reference is success. Like neurons, each brand uses the knowledge that others generate to create its own style.

This takes time; time to study reality, understand challenges, develop skills, correct tactics and evaluate them.

In marketing, the rush always fails.

Not a manual, but a path

Experience is THE master

In marketing, mistakes (own and others') are the best source of wisdom. Only those who tolerate trying enough times will succeed.

Brand wisdom is a process that begins with omissions, misunderstandings, and mistakes that soon turn into effective strategies.

Your challenge is learning to extract a better & faster knowledge from experience.

Experience is THE master

Ikigai is the key

Brands work much better when connected to it's creator's Ikigai:

  • What you really love +
  • What you are good at +
  • What you can be paid for +
  • What the world needs

Ikigai will provide the extra boost you will need when things get rough, believe me.


Ikigai is the key

If you are starting a brand and lack experience, do not ask for services quotes. Why?

At this point you are going to miss very important steps

For decades our process with 95% of clients has been like this:

Novice clients innocently quote services with fixed characteristics, prices and times to (too) later discover along the way that in order to achieve their expectations, they had to do other things that they had not planned.

It has been decades of seeing clients learn the hard way, after making costly mistakes, based on the false idea that marketing is a one-time transaction and not an evolutionary path.

Most focus on the extremes: investment and return; agencies, eager to bill, reinforce the illusion intermediate processes are irrelevant, simple or automatable; they are not.

Who wants to win without learning can only learn through loss.

In other words, asking for a fixed budget for marketing services without solid brand wisdom is the best way to learn the hard way.


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Is there another way?

Yes! A practical coaching program to complete the Ikigai Brand RoadMap with / for you. You must become wiser and master some crafts before you can manage your dream brand, so, let's learn while we develop.

Starts with YOU

We start by the emotional / intellectual settings and tools at your disposal, how to recognize, unblock and empower them:

Your life mission: vocation, skills, goals, connections and opportunities

Understanding all about your challenge

Discovering what really matters to you

Your relationship with the world


Starts with YOU

All included

This programs includes coaching and executing all the Ikigai Brand Road Map with / for you.

You decide where to start, what to learn, and what to outsource.


All included

Types of sessions

Brainstormings: Stimulating your insights

Training: I teach you to do specific things

Practices: you do, I give you feedback

Master classes: I speak, you listen

Execution: I do, you wait

Types of sessions


First-hand learning: marketing with a marketer, design with a designer, strategist with a strategist, and copywriting with a writer

All sessions will be recorded and will be at your disposal

You will be part of our online community on Telegram to share with others on similar paths to yours

Discounts on additional products and services

Total flexibility (except in schedules)


Monthly costs

You can also take standalone sessions of 1h:30m x 40 €

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But i need to plan my budget!

I know , but how can you plan if there are still so many pieces missing in your puzzle? I’ve seen expensive detailed plans fall apart due to lack of knowledge, self knowledge, mostly. 

The first step on every plan is learning to make a plan.

The first sessions of the program will be oriented for you to get the big scope of your process and make a better plan than the one you have right now.

After your own Road Map is drawn, we will be good to go.

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Created by: Rafael Juárez: Ikigai Coach , Psychologist & Writer